About this Branch

We provide advice, support and representation as well as organising campaigns and negotiating to improve and protect our members pay and terms and conditions of employment.

Anyone in employment has a legal right to be a member of a trade union and to be represented by GMB.

Our branch is solely members who work for Wilko at either SC1 or Head Office, or at one of 35 local stores. We have over 1900 GMB members within our branch, who are represented by the below stewards/safety reps:


Lee Hagen (Despatch – Days), Lee Marsden (300s/800s – Days), Philip Rawson (Engineers), Wilbur Lawrence (Inwards – Nights), Theresa Hagen (Eaches – Days), Brian Gribbin (Despatch/Recycling – Days), Mick Newton (Dock 1 – Days), Rob Morley (CPA1 – Days), James Shaw (CPA2/CPA3 – Nights), Daryl White (Dock 2 – Days), Liam Rafferty (Tote Pick/CPA1 – Nights), Paul Parry (Inwards – Nights), Fred Speed (Dock 3/Replen – Days), Monika Winniczuk (CPA2 – Days), Arron Riggs (Management)

Head Office

Lee Hagen


Keith Espin (Driffield), Lynn Hudson (Leeds), Angie Ellis (Barnsley), Michelle Wood (Castleford), Sarah Thomas (Halifax), John Ballantine (York), David Kaye (Headingley), Mohammed Shamsuddin (Bradford), Delvine Dawson (Hillsborough), Alison Lowe (Worksop), Sharon Shaw (Wombwell), Julie Daniels (Selby)

The branch is supported by a number of postholders who maintain membership records and finances, and support with specific groups of members who may be experiencing difficulties. These are named below:

Branch Secretary – Lee Marsden

Branch President – Philip Rawson

SC / HO Convenor – Lee Hagen

Equality Officer – Clayton Tindle

Senior Retail Rep – Keith Espin

Youth Officer – Roger Eagle

Branch Auditors – Jackie Bromage & Clayton Tindle

Branch Committee – Theresa Hagen, Paul Matthams, Andrew Robb, Leonard Prior & Robert Morley

Branch ULRs – Andrius Vigelis & Clayton Tindle


Should you require any further information, don’t hesitate to call the office on (01909) 505589.



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